Why you need to get to know your Independent Insurance Agency


Why You Need to Get to Know Your Local, Independent Insurance Agent

Like it or not, your insurance agent can make or break your experience with home, life, auto and even health insurance coverage. You see, your insurance agent should act as your advocate for all things insurance. If you’re seeking life insurance, a local, independent agent should ask you lots of questions about your income level, your health, and your current budget, and recommend multiple plans with varying premiums from which you can choose.

For many consumers, their local, independent insurance agent meets those needs—and then some. Learn why the local agent plays such a critical role in the life of a consumer, and why it pays to let your agent really get to know you.

The value of a local agent

Local insurance agents are part of the community, and they’re often highly vested in the success of their clients. They also have a wider variety of insurance policies from which to choose. Without being affiliated with one of the insurance giants, they have the freedom to really comb the market for the best policy and make recommendations beyond the product offerings of one specific company.local independent insurance agent

But beyond these benefits—and others—of working with a local insurance agent, you can really make the most of the relationship by spending time with your agent. No, that doesn’t necessarily mean inviting your agent to Easter brunch or your child’s 16th birthday party. Rather, nurture the relationship so that your agent can get to know you.

Why your relationship with your agent matters

Your insurance needs can drastically change from one year to the next. For example, if your last insurance review occurred when you were a double income family, and now your children are getting full-time care from a stay-at-home parent, your life insurance needs are probably different. Perhaps you’ve acquired new valuables over the years, and they’re not yet insured. Meeting with your local, independent insurance provides the opportunity to update insurance coverage based on life changes like these.

Keep your insurance up-to-date by scheduling annual or bi-annual reviews with your local, independent insurance agent. Give your agent the opportunity to advocate for your needs, but with the vital information the agent needs to do so. If it’s been awhile since your last insurance review, why not call the insurance specialists at Spreng-Smith Agency today? We serve consumers, businesses and nonprofits in North Central Ohio.

Tell us: What’s changed in your life since your last insurance review?

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