Business Insurance is all you need to Protect Against Hail


Business Insurance Isn’t All You Need to Protect Against Hail

hail damageAlong with hiring friendly and professional employees, developing and fine-tuning a business plan, securing general business insurance, and effectively marketing your business, there’s one component of your business you may have overlooked. It’s business insurance to protect valuable equipment from hail damage. In addition, there are a few steps you can take to protect valuable equipment like the HVAC system from the elements.


If you own your own property or you’re a landlord, you likely have responsibility for the HVAC equipment—and any other equipment stored outside. Susceptible to the elements, HVAC systems need sheltered from strong winds, which can otherwise affect its performance. Therefore, it’s important to locate the outdoor unit with some protection from landscaping, such as dense trees, bushes or even fencing.


Snow buildup on the top of the unit can also wreak havoc on the HVAC equipment. Every so often over the winter season, property owners should visually inspect the system, and remove any snow or ice that builds up.


There’s also another weather component that can severely damage the HVAC system: hail. In 2013, there were over 10 reports of hail an inch in size or larger throughout Ashland County from April through June. In 2012, there were nearly 15 reports of hail from March through September.

We can’t predict when or how hard hail will hit, but what we can predict is that is likely to happen. To protect your HVAC system from hail damage, which can dent fins and damage other sensitive interior components, as well as the casing, invest in a hail guard. You can also purchase a hail guard for vents and cooling equipment located on the roof.

The guards come in various shapes and sizes to provide a secure fit. Be sure to work with a contractor who will take your needs into consideration and expertly install the guard. For instance, the guard must allow for airflow through the system, instead of hindering it, but be positioned close enough that it prevents hail damage.

If you’d like more information about keeping your business in good shape with insurance for hail, fire or flooding, or any other business insurance need, contact the insurance specialists at Spreng-Smith Agency. We serve consumers, businesses and nonprofits in North Central Ohio.

Tell us: Do you currently hold business insurance that includes hail damage?

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