Insuring a Youth Sports League (Part 1)


Operating a youth sports league involves getting volunteers to serve as coaches, spreading the word about the league, signing children up to play and forming teams. Another important component of running a successful youth sport league involves insurance. With the right insurance in place, you can give your league the protection it needs.

insuring a youth sports league

These are the types of insurances you should consider:

  • General liability insurance. Liability insurance protects leagues, teams and associations from liability claims that come out of accidents and other incidents that could happen while under the purview of your organization. Liability insurance should include participant liability–and extend to bodily injury–related to all components of league operation, from its advertisement to related products to legal issues.
  • Accident and medical. If a participant, coach or volunteer is injured during a sporting event in your league, you’ll need accident and medical coverage. Consider primary policies that extend coverage to participants without primary insurance, will pay a claim first before other coverage, include expense coverage, and will even reduce the amount other coverage/policies owe. You can also choose from excess medical programs that will pay a claim after other insurance coverage pays out, pay expenses related to accidents after other policy coverage is exhausted, and can cover deductibles and coinsurances from primary policies.

In the next article covering youth sports league insurance, we’ll look at other types of policies to secure, such as abuse and molestation, property and directors’ and officers’ liability coverage.

Amateur athletes can take competition seriously, but it’s also a fun experience for participants. Shoulder the responsibility as the league’s manager or organizer, and secure the right safety equipment to protect the young athletes. Take the time to explore insurance options, too. For help identifying your league’s needs and choosing insurance, contact the reputable agents at Spreng-Smith Agency for expert advice. We are happy to help our North Central Ohio neighbors with fire and flood, home and auto, and health insurance.

Tell us: What experience have you had with insuring your youth sports league?

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