Insuring a Youth Sports League (Part 2)



With effective insurance coverage, your youth sports league can operate without fear of liability claims that could tarnish its reputation, negatively affect the children and volunteers, and destroy the league due to financial hardships.

insuring youth sports league

In last week’s article, we covered general liability and accident and medical coverage. Here are the other three components of an effective insurance policy for a youth sports league:

  • Abuse and molestation. While leagues should have policies in place to prevent these crimes from happening, they also need insurance to protect the league from legal claims. Some carriers will exclude abuse and molestation from their general liability policies, so be sure to talk to your agent about securing this kind of coverage.
  • Property coverage. It’s also essential to get coverage for damage to your facility, indoor training building or outdoor fields. Consider a policy that includes damage from vandalism or theft, storms and tornadoes, and damage that occurs during use of the property by athletes or other individuals.
  • Directors and officers liability. This policy protects administrative personnel working for the league, which is generally excluded in many carriers’ general liability policies. Consider securing extended coverage for discrimination lawsuits, wrongful termination suits, administrative acts that don’t follow bylaws, some violation of state/federal laws or constitutional laws, as well as mismanagement of funds.

Amateur athletes and the leagues they play in require sufficient insurance to protect the league or sports’ association, players, coaches and volunteers. If you’d like to discuss your options with an insurance expert, contact the reputable agents at Spreng-Smith Agency. We are happy to help our North Central Ohio neighbors with fire and flood, home and auto, and health insurance.

Tell us: Do you understand the importance of each component of a youth sports league insurance policy?

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