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You’re not finished with car safety once you purchase a safe vehicle. Every time you get on the road, you run the risk of a tire blowout, an accident, or a vehicle failure. While other reckless drivers can cause an accident, it’s also possible that your own neglect or lack of knowledge can be the cause, too.

Here are some safety tips you can follow throughout the entire year, but they will be particularly useful in the summer season when we tend to take more road trips to visit family and for vacations:

  • Make sure the car’s tires are road worthy. According to the federal government, 11,000 crashes occur every year due to tire problems. Check the tread on the tires every month. If it looks worn, have a mechanic check the tire, and if necessary, install a new one. Regularly test tire pressure, and keep the tires filled with the right amount of air.

car safety

  • Maintain the vehicle. Have it serviced for regular oil changes and tune-ups to avoid breakdowns.
  • Properly install car seats. If you have little ones that are required by law to sit in a car seat, having a professional install the seat can mean the difference between safety and an injury. The Ashland Fire Department offers free installations several times a year. You can also schedule an appointment with one of their four Child Passenger Safety Seat technicians to install the car seat.
  • If you have car trouble while on a local road or highway, follow common sense tips like moving the car—if you can—to a safe location to inspect it. Keep a supply of emergency equipment like flares or reflective signs, a first-aid kit and jumper cables in your car.

Another component of car safety involves insurance. Never drive without insurance, and check in with your local agent to review your car insurance policy on a regular basis. For more information about car insurance, contact Spreng-Smith Agency. We are happy to help our North Central Ohio neighbors with fire and flood, home and auto, and health insurance.

Tell us: What do you keep in your car to help in case it breaks down?

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