Stay Cool This Summer and Secure Savings


Boating, hiking, sunbathing—these are just some of the activities that North Central Ohians take up when the weather becomes warmer. In the dog days of summer, however, you need to stay cool at home without breaking the bank. There are steps you can take to stay cool over the summer, without spending more on energy costs.

Summer energy-saving tips

Here are some ways to start saving:

summer savings

  • Schedule an air conditioning tune-up with your local HVAC contractor. While it’s ideal to service the equipment prior to summer starting, it’s never too late to make an appointment. Running the equipment when it’s rife with dirt buildup causes it to consume more energy.
  • Check the air filter on the A/C regularly, and change it every month or so—or whenever it looks dirty. A clean air filter will help the cooling system operate as efficiently as possible.
  • Keep drapes closed as long as possible at the start of the day. When the home is cooler in the morning, keeping windows closed helps keep heat out.
  • Run ceiling fans if you have them. They can bring a room’s temperature down by as much as 4 degrees.
  • Use natural ventilation when possible, and open windows and doors to let air circulate and make the home feel cooler.
  • Use a programmable thermostat to control the home’s temperature throughout the day and avoid waste.
  • Run ventilating fans when showering and cooking to usher heat and humidity generated by these activities out of the home.
  • Avoid running other heat-generating appliances on hot days. Turning the oven on, for example, will increase the home’s temperature. You’ll have to run the A/C longer to compensate.

When you’re taking steps to control energy bills, get in touch with your local insurance agent, too. Discuss your existing insurance policies and talk about ways to save. It’s also a good idea to discuss coverage levels to make sure your home insurance policy is keeping up with recent upgrades or changes you’ve made to the home.

For more information about home insurance and flood protection, or to schedule an insurance review with a trusted independent agent, contact Spreng-Smith Agency. We are happy to help our North Central Ohio neighbors with fire and flood, home and auto, and health insurance.

Tell us: Are your summer utility bills out of control? What is one tip you could easily implement to save this season?

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