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Wouldn’t it be nice to have a personal property inventory ready to go the next time you need to file an insurance claim? Most of us think we’ll be able to commit to memory a list of our valuable possessions. But truth be told, we’re forgetful. And it’s also hard to remember the details about valuables you’ll need to include on a claim once they’re gone.

But don’t worry. Here are three easy ways to quickly create a personal property inventory:

  • Take photos. Now that most people have at least a basic camera on their phones, you can use this tool to your advantage. Do a walk-through of your home, and take pictures of valuables and day-to-day items that you’ll need to replace if they’re damaged in a fire, flood or natural disaster. Then, upload the photos to a hard drive or to the cloud, and add as much description about the items as you can. Another handy thing about taking pictures is that it’s an easy way to document the receipts you’ll need to keep, too. Instead of keeping a bulky file with receipts that could be damaged, take pictures of the receipts and invoices for valuables.
  • Make a video. Another easy way to quickly document your valuables, this method of creating a personal property inventory is fast becoming a go-to method for homeowners. All you need to do is turn on the video and walk through your home, adding verbal description about the items and taking close ups of brand names and serial numbers. You can also “film” receipts, but you may want to back these up with pics or scan them into documents stored in your computer or in the cloud.

create personal property inventory

  • Make a list. Somewhat old fashioned but a tried-and-true method, make a written or typed list of your valuables.

No matter what method you use to create a personal property list, be sure that you store it in a safe place, ideally in a fire- and water-proof safe, and consider making a backup copy to keep in an alternate location. Additionally, always include detailed information about the item, like brand name, serial number and receipt.

Keep your personal property inventory list up-to-date, and you’ll be glad you have instant access to your person property the next time you have to file a claim. Contact the insurance specialists at Spreng-Smith Agency for more information about filing a claim or getting insurance coverage. We serve consumers, businesses and nonprofits in North Central Ohio.

Tell us: What kind of personal property inventory do you have now?

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