The Aftermath of Summer Storms: Dealing With Storm Damage



Summer storms are all too common in North Central Ohio. Once the dust settles after a tornado, strong thunderstorm or high winds, homeowners need to know how to deal with storm damage. Above all else, it’s important to stay safe if your basement flooded or trees are down.

Here’s a handy guide you can refer to in the aftermath of a summer storm:

  • Downed trees. First and foremost, look for power lines that have come down with the trees. Don’t deal with the trees if they’re live. Call the utility company for help instead. If a tree limb is dangling, stay away from the area, and call a tree service for help.

summer storm damage

  • Water damage. Call an electrician if there’s water in the basement, as appliances exposed to water can be charged or will short. Once you know the area is safe, remove items that were exposed to water and let them dry outside.
  • Home damage. Check the exterior of your home for damage, and look for missing shingles or siding and damage to the foundation. If anything is damaged, you’ll need to file a claim and get an estimate from a contractor.
  • Miscellaneous items. If you park your car outside, or have out buildings, fencing or other recreational vehicles, inspect them for damage. Check on the landscaping, too.

If you notice damage to the home, landscaping or vehicles, contact your local insurance agent to start the claims process. Be sure to ask how the process works. You may need to contact qualified contractors for an estimate before beginning any repair work.

For more information about dealing with the aftermath of a summer storm, contact Spreng-Smith Agency. We are happy to help our North Central Ohio neighbors with fire and flood, home and auto, and health insurance.

Tell us: When was the last time you reviewed your home and auto insurance policies with your insurance agent?

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