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Password Guidelines: How Quickly Could a Hacker Figure Yours Out?

Your sensitive, personal data is protected by a thin layer of security. That is, if you don’t take the time to come up with an inventive, nearly-hack-proof password.

Password guidelines you follow in life and business can make or break your internet security. In fact, just a few characters can mean the difference between a hacker taking just a few minutes to break through security firewalls, or tens of thousands of years.

Hacker-proof password guidelines

It’s true that if your internet security hides behind the thin veil of a password with all lowercase letters, you’re walking on thin ice. A lowercase, six-character password requires a mere 10 minutes to hack. Pretty much a job for a novice.

password guidelines

Now, switch up your password guidelines to include uppercase letters, numerals, and symbols in random order, and hackers will be more likely to leave you alone. That’s because this lethal combination takes over 44,000 years to crack. It’s just not worth their time.

Here are a few other password guidelines to live by:

  • Know how to store them. One of the most difficult aspects of keeping track of passwords is, well, keeping track of them! It’s an organizer’s nightmare, never mind for those that aren’t good at excel spreadsheets or filing systems. Now, with password managers like LastPass, it’s easy to remember hard-to-remember passwords that hackers won’t touch.
  • Length matters. As a rule of thumb, make passwords longer, because they’re harder to hack. If you can, go for 12 characters, keeping in mind the rules for random passwords.
  • Privacy at all costs. Never share passwords with friends or family, especially if you’re letting someone use your social media or other online account.

One of the best ways to avoid identity theft or data breach in your personal bank accounts, Facebook profile or mobile apps involves following these password guidelines. Businesses should also put effective guidelines into place to keep professional information secure. For expert advice when insuring your business or to secure your identity, contact Spreng-Smith Agency today! We’re happy to help our neighbors in North Central Ohio with homeowner’s insurance, auto coverage, and health insurance. Just give us a call today!

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