Don't Fall for Email Phishing Scams

Don’t Fall for These Email Phishing Scams

Pickpockets, home invasions, car thefts—these are real dangers that with which Ashlanders have to contend. But they’re not the only ones. Seemingly innocent email phishing scams can send you down an irreparable road that costs you time and money—and even your identity.

What is a phishing scam?

A phishing scam generally involves a bait-and-click trick designed to get consumers like you to click on a link in an email message. When you do, it essentially allows someone to take over your computer and you give up personal information. You can also come across a phishing scam on a website or through a phone call. These scams are generally intended to get you to release personal information like a credit card number.

How to identify a scam

Don’t get drawn into one of these scams. Know how to identify them to avoid problems.

  • Fraudsters piggyback on reputable companies, so don’t trust an email just because it’s from a company with whom you’re familiar.
  • Scammers also use names and job titles of actual people who work within that company. If you call to confirm the information, you’ll be inclined to trust the email.
  • The message will include a URL that looks legitimate—but it’s not.
  • The scam generally plays on a sense of urgency. You’ll be asked to “Act Now” to get a deal, or request that you update personal information to avoid losing access to your account.

Here’s the best way to respond to phishing emails:

  • Don’t ever click on an active link in the email. Instead, type the URL into the web search box.
  • Carry updated anti-virus software on your computer, along with anti-spam and spyware features.

email phishing scams

  • Never reply to the email. If you’re curious or concerned, do some detective work. Make phone calls, ask for information and get proof of the originator of the email before acting on it.
  • Refer back to bank statements, loan information and so forth to prove the email message’s claim about updating account information or to verify an email address or website URL.

If you’re worried about falling for a phishing scam or person identity theft, talk to the insurance professionals at Spreng-Smith Agency today! We’re happy to help our neighbors in Ashland and the surrounding areas with personal identity protection, homeowner liability, fire and flood coverage, auto coverage, and health insurance. Just give us a call today!

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